It was a chilly afternoon in Smolensk, Russia when a tiny, curly haired girl named Julia was born. Six years later, she found herself in the gorgeous Northwest with a camera attached to her hip, marveling at how many times she can fall in love while looking through it. 

Julia has a BFA in Digital Arts & Experimental Media, working as a creative in the realm of still and moving imagery for over a decade. Julia is an avid cinematographer & producer of Winning Dad - a feature film shown in 14 festivals across 6 countries in 2015 & And, Apart, a multi-media short film shown bi-coastally in 2016. She launched two production studios in Seattle, has been published in multiple magazines, and won the 2013 global 24-hr Filmracing Challenge with her team. Julia is currently a full time Amazonian on the Global Brand & Mass Advertising team "D1" as an integrated art director, editor, and producer -- developing social & cross-channel content. 

Interstitial - Seattle contemporary new media gallery co-founded in 2010

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