It was a chilly afternoon in Smolensk, Russia when a tiny, curly haired girl named Yuliya was born. Six years later, she immigrated to the gorgeous Pacific Northwest with a camera attached to her hip, constantly marveling at magic seen through the lens. 

With a BFA in Digital Arts & Experimental Media, Julia has lead  creative in the realm of still, moving, and interactive experiences both in small and large teams across the world. She has always been committed to the city of Seattle as a cultural and community developer - creating accessible spaces, festivals, and multi-media events that bring people together from all walks of life.

Julia is currently a community advocate and new media curator focused on the Cascadia region, as well as a senior art director specializing in experiential & cross-channel digital content for Amazon's custom advertising team. She's also helping create the Odyssey of the Beast Tarot Deck. 

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