Founder & Creative Director

Over the past 15 years, I've enjoyed building 5 creative businesses in Seattle's arts & cultural sector and globally. My accessible spaces and diverse multimedia programs have served thousands of community members and continue grow.

Future Arts 
(Current Executive Director)

After deep diving into Creative Economy research data in 2020, the findings of what our city and world needed were developed into a business plan. Thus, Future Arts was born, to create dignity around arts + technology by building new jobs and meaningful showcasing opportunities. 

Since then....

  • 100+ creatives have worked with Future Arts
  • 500K+ viewers of all artworks & content created
  • 30+ tech-arts activations developed
  • 20+ business partners supported, locally & globally 
  • Tribeca X Immersive Winners 2022 - for producing partner role on Emerging Radiance

Interstitial (2011-2018)

After the last media arts space shut down in Seattle,  we launched  this contemporary video art gallery in 2011 with fellow Kira Birge and later Julia Greenway. In a short span of a few years, we curated 30+ new media shows focusing on developing the video art and new media community, featuring 50+ artists globally. 

We developed unique programming for a mobile video screen tour shown at various festivals, after launching a successful kickstarter campaign. Interstitial went on to have its own gallery space led by Julia Greenway until its shut down in 2018.

rustiQue studios (2010-2014)

RustiQue Studios was a way to offer accessible creative space to photographers, filmmakers, and media artists to learn, exhibit and build community.

In less than 3 years before the city shut down this building, I organized and coordinated over 30 multi-media, film, and networking events that are still remembered in the creative communities of the Seattle and beyond. 

that G! theatre (2010-2013)

thatG!theatre was a budding Seattle-based non-profit theatre company devoted to the expansion of our urban community through merging artistic disciplines and creating relevant, provocative and immersive experiences.

As a founding board member and Marketing & Media Director, it was a joy to develop strategies and produce digital content for online platforms. A total of 7 multi-media immersive theatre shows were produced, with a noteworthy interactive mobile-device driven immersive production at Bumbershoot in 2012.

Curator & Speaker


AR Curator + Panel Moderator

VMF's Winter Arts Augmented Reality Festival

"How can digital spaces increase empathy?"
(Full Panel Video)


Visual Art Director + Curator

Borealis Festival of Light


Curator + Artist 

New Media Festival
"Virtual Bodies" (Trailer)

at National Museum of American Jewish History  (Press article)



Seattle Interactive Conference 

"The Power of Designing Interactive Spaces for All the Senses"
(Press Article)

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