It was a chilly afternoon in Smolensk, Russia when a tiny, curly haired girl named Yuliya was born. Six years later, she immigrated to the gorgeous Pacific Northwest with a camera attached to her hip, constantly marveling at magic seen through the lens. 

With a BFA in Digital Arts & Experimental Media, Julia has led  creative in the realm of still, moving, and interactive experiences both in tiny and humungous teams across the world. While working as a senior art director in experiential & cross-channel digital content for Amazon's custom advertising teams, she has always stayed committed to the city of Seattle as a cultural and community developer - creating accessible spaces, festivals, and multi-media events that bring people together from all walks of life.

Yuliya (she/they) is currently serving as the Founder and Executive Creative Director at Future Arts, a new womxn-led arts+technology organization building dignity for tech-based artists through opportunities and discourse. They continue being a passionate community advocate for equity and new media curation, focused on the Cascadia region and beyond.

During COVID, they enjoyed writing & creating visuals for  Odyssey of the Beast Tarot Deck. 

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